Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yay for Project Runway!

SOOO glad it's back on. So glad there's ANYTHING on during the summer that's worthwhile.

Can't wait for next week's episode -- to see who gets kicked off for rules infractions!!! Hopefully, it's not someone that I actually like. We'll see.

Heat wave is over! For now, anyway. It's an icy 68 in my room right now, thanks to my window fan. My window a/c unit arrived today, will install this week! I can't go through this weekend again!

Work's kicking my patooty right now. Year end financial close. Several new programs to get off the ground. New employee isn't the super star I hoped for; in fact, I've already had several "talks" with her already, which makes her more freaked out and even less effective. Not boding well for her. Lots of politics. At least I have a permanent workspace again -- no more borrowing terrible spaces from other departments. Now I only have to re-establish my role and credibility as the overall manager!

Keep cool all.


LoriO said...

I like Project Runway too and look forward to watching it.

I USED to like that redheaded architect woman, but I hated her last night. She just happened to have jodhpurs and boots with her? A fashion accessory is a horse? Don't want to touch the dog?!? What a freak!

Phydeaux said...

But wasn't her doggie outfit to die for?

She is WAY over the top high maintenance.

Can't wait for this week!!!