Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kites, kites and more kites!

Spent a GREAT day, and have the KILLAH sunburn to prove it, at Berkeley's 21st annual kite festival, with my bff Kris, Rich and Greg.

See pix!

Not a sad face to be found, except for the occasional overstimulated little ones. Young, middle and old alike, and doggies, had a blast. SO MANY PEOPLE. So many kites!!!

Living in the Bay Area, you think I might have been able to find the Berkeley Marina with my eyes closed. Not so. I've lived here going on (hate to admit) nearly 20 years, but have NEVER been to Berkeley. Just the quick drive through via I80. So I got a little lost, had to hang a quick u turn at Treasure Island, just a tad late. Waited >20 minutes for the shuttle to take me from Siberia to the Marina. Then 30+ minutes to get OUT of the Marina (take about traffic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), another 20+ to get to 880, and finally home.


Also had a VERY successful Macy's sales day trip yesterday, following a not as much fun morning at BriteSmile. My teeth aren't exactly the stuff of legends, but they are whiter, and it was money well spent.

Kris and Rich will be visiting next weekend to go see David Bromberg (sp?) with moi, then I'm off to the egg and chicken farm for a week to help Mom on the ranch while Dad takes a little well-deserved R&R. Then one more week off for my OWN R&R. I'm looking at day spas right now -- was thinking about a three-day mini-vaca somewhere fun, but then thought I could put the same money into a day of heaven right here at home, which will be SORELY needed after a week in muck and hard labor in the central valley heat!!!

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