Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's definitely fall!

I wish my camera was working so I could post some pix!

Bread's rising right now.

Stew's going in the crockpot next, so it will be ready tomorrow for lunch.

Leaves and acorns are dropping like mad.

It's been chilly enough for sweaters, so Fall washing today and tomorrow.

Molly and Fiona are fighting over me, making it hard to type. They both want under the covers, but don't want to share. Typical kids, right? Molly just won . . . but Fiona will come kick her butt.

I need to go get my fasting glucose tomorrow -- I've been extremely thirsty and itchy -- not good signs. I thought I was doing really well with diet and exercise, but maybe I'm missing something. Fingers crossed, don't want to do fingersticks, but more importantly, don't want to be damaging myself or shortening my lifespan.

LOVING the new laptop. Widescreen is the only way to go. Super lightening quick. Very light. My poor old laptop's keys are sticking, weighs a ton, and is slowing down.

MUST study, read, write papers tomorrow. Hoping to have a pajama day to do that, cook, clean, etc. Can't wait for tomorrow -- first day of October, best month of the year! I loaded up on really great crisp apples today.

Happy end of September!

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