Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New boyfriend

The Dell D820. Sigh . . .

Yes, I am a geek, but happily so. My new laptop is home, in use, still transferring files.

Just waiting for some Project Runway therapy this evening, while trying to learn how to use the beta MS Word 2007 (it's super cool, but so completely different from previous versions that I have to figure everything out from scratch).

Nothing else that exciting. Loving Zelda Wind Waker, which may just be the top 3D videogame of all time, if you can get past the motion sickness (a lot of it is on the ocean, yikes). Have to limit myself to 20-30 minutes at a time. Healthier that way anyway. The art is really something.

Midpoint of my wellness coaching program. I think I've made some lasting lifestyle changes related to exercise, water intake and nutrition. Yay! Lost a few pounds so far. Sleeping really well. Feeling much better.

Work is uber over the top busy. I have several staff openings in my own office, let alone other offices in the division.

After looking at Kris and Rich's pix from last weekend, I'm ready to go to Apple Hill! Want a slice of that killer Apple Pie!

Hope all are doing well. It's officially Fall! We're entering my very favorite month of the year: October! Can't wait to enjoy the scary classic movies. LOVE the waft of fireplaces at night. That nice crisp to the air. Could do without all the raking, but happy to have a yard TO rake!


glass hole studios said...

cough cough hack
love your new boyfriend...and I'll be happy to be healthy enough to enjoy fall again...perhaps we should do the spa up in apple hill. I'll try to get their website. lob.

Phydeaux said...

spa me!!!