Thursday, October 19, 2006

Decision UN made. ARGH.

OK, reality hit today. If I withdraw now, I have to cough up the $5,000 for tuition currently paid by my employer's program + student loans. If I wait until 60% of the quarter's over, I should have tuition covered. At which point, I have to ask, "why drop?"

So I recalculated my grades, submitted my online assignments that were due today, if I write my stinking paper due Saturday tomorrow (I already took the day off to write it) and only marginally study for my test (it's only 30% of my grade), I can pass both classes, and maybe even pass with B's.

My advisor's out of town until next week, so I don't have a choice about school this weekend -- must go. I'm trying to schedule a phone call for Monday with my advisor.

So, writing the paper and studying tomorrow. May treat myself to some pizza. Or several bottles of wine (har har).

YAY JEFFREY!!!!!!!!!! I'm so pleased that he won Project Runway. What a great season -- they were all winners (and I hope Laura gets her line up soon -- I want to buy one of her dresses!!!).

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