Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Decision MADE!!!!

I may end up regretting this, but . . . I'm withdrawing from the program:
  1. My health is a wreck.
  2. I am beyond stressed, after a year of phenomenal stress -- I need time to just be.
  3. I'm in a continual fog -- I can't write a paper, I can't create a budget, I can't think straight. (Stress much?)
  4. I made the decision this morning, spent a WONDERFUL day shopping (hey, still took my day off!), spent way too much money, and loved every minute of it.
  5. Had to go in to work for one meeting, and felt like I was back in my game.
  6. The girls and I had a wonderful afternoon. They brought me all of their toys, one by one, and we played. I raked the yard. I actually MADE dinner (what a concept).
  7. Now I'm preparing a night of guilt-free TV: Jericho, Lost, and Project Runway finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Molly's curled up next to me, looking very sweet and innocent in her sleep. I think I may sleep like a baby tonight myself. Sighh.

Go Jeffrey! (shhhh ... don't tell me anything!!!)

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glass hole studios said...

love you and want you healthy and happy!!!