Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lazy day (not entirely a good thing)

I'm supposed to be cleaning and organizing today, but have spent most of it playing with kitties. Not entirely true. I slept REALLY late (coyotes freaked me out last night, making it hard to sleep -- they're yipping much earlier lately). My tree's down, but I can't find the storage bag. I cleared out my storeroom and fixed a broken shelf. Packed my ornaments. Unpacked my bags and gifties (they've been sitting in the entry way).... Made a great bowl of edamame for lunch. Unpacked the cat tree (just need to assemble). Got a fire started (for the cats, though I found that it really does warm up the living room area). etc.

Enjoying my candle warmer! I've reached 43 years of age without having one of these (though I used to just melt my left overs over a water bath). Brilliant!

Used my new old hickory knives last night (thank you Kris and Rich! and Kris' mom!). Love 'em. I'm a believer.

Now the hot new cat item is the bed that you can see Fiona curled up in so tightly that she looks a bit like a hibernating chipmunk. Instead of fighting over the lap robe, they're now fighting over this. Go figure.

If I ever get this place clean, I'll post a pic, since no one will believe it.

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