Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

2007 -- how weird it that??? Great day at home with, you got it, the girls. Did some yard work, more house work, roasted a turkey, and my bread should be ready in 30 minutes or so (yum!!!). After a week of sleeping in like mad, I'm retraining myself in preparation for work in a week (boo hoo!), so was up before 9:30 (sounds decadent, doesn't it?). I'm shooting for 9 tomorrow, and 30 minutes earlier each day after.

The girls are finally settling down for naps (they've been running around like mad all day). Molly's happy in front of a fire. Fiona's happy curled up across my neck (ack). I just sat down to a Dr. 90210 marathon -- one of those "train wreck" shows that I occasionally indulge in. I'm just astonished at folks' priorities, but maybe if I had too much money and too much time on my hands (what would that be like???), I'd think my problems would be solved with a little majory elective surgery.

Off my soap box now....

Tomorrow will be a day to hit the stores/etc. again (I haven't left my house in a few days!). On the search for lamps, shelves and maybe, if I'm lucky, a super duper on sale sofa. I can at least start the search for it! And a fireplace screen! And pick up my new reading glasses (sad, but I'd love to read all of the great books I was lucky enough to be given for Christmas!).

No resolutions, other than to continue my quest to reduce stress and learn to handle stress better.

Happy 2007 to all!

(NOTE: Found Tony Bourdain marathon on the travel channel -- 90210's been appropriately dumped for his snarky humor, interesting food tastes (at least he didn't like the Icelandic sheep testicles...much), and acidic comments. Love him!)

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Rich said...

Definately get the fireplace screen.....