Sunday, December 03, 2006

Relaxing, low stress weekend

Made a great salmon tonight: broiled it with a dijon/whole grain mustard w/olive oil and white wine sauce, over brown/wild rice and spinach. YUM. Started out as a Giada de Laurentiis recipe, then took a left turn and became all my own. Snacked on grapes. Made my own burritos for lunch (vs. taco bell) w/whole wheat tortillas, cilantro, onion, beans, pepper jack cheese. What's wrong with me, you may ask? I'm trying -- for ONE WEEK -- to eat as close to the earth as possible with as little processed food, sugar, white flour, chemicals, etc. as possible. I know I'll feel better, and if I stuck with that god-awful school experience for several months, think I can do this for a week. I'm obviously not suffering! More to report.

Didn't do a heck of a lot this weekend. Slept too much. Started knitting a scarf. Watched too much TV (and enjoyed snippet previews of the upcoming Harry Potter movie!). Girls seem to have recovered from their colds, and I seem to have cut mine off at the pass (good eating and echinacea). Laundry.

Oh well, yeah, how could I forget my drama last night? I went on a cleaning binge. Cleared out the fridge, pulled out the bottom glass covering the veggie crispers, in the midst of washing it, the entire rather large piece of glass decided to shatter into about 10 gazillion little bits. Basically disintegrated. I'm watching a chunk of my knuckle peel off and thinking "crap, this is not good." But keep in mind that I worked in an ER/trauma center for several years, so just wrapped my finger as tightly as possible, herded poor Molly into the bathroom and locked her in, then spent the next HOUR sweeping, mopping, picking and finally damp papertoweling glass off of counters, me, floor, sink, etc. My left hand is pockmarked with little tiny cuts. I'm timing myself, thinking "I have six hours until it's too late for stitches." My finger's bleeding like mad and hurting even more. Finally able to clean it (choice words were used amidst the ouches) and decided since I can bend the knuckle and feel the pain as I'm doing so, that I probably don't need stitches (i.e., no nerve damage). Neosporin, dressing, tylenol. When I cleaned it this morning, I think I probably should have gone to the ER -- it is too deep and it was still bleeding. But I'm not going to lose my finger over it, so I'll survive. Just a way too deep cut that will take longer than normal to heal. I'm probably lucky -- could have been MUCH worse. I'm so so so glad that Molly wasn't in her usual place on the cupboard watching me wash dishes. If she survived all the glass that hit the counter, she still might have lost an eye if not had major damage done. She was pretty freaked out and needed a lot of attention and assurance last night.

On a different and sadder note, I'm so sorry, Kris and Rich, about Boy Cat. You're very brave. I'll hug my two little ones a little closer tonight. Big hug.

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