Sunday, January 14, 2007

ahhhh lupus

bone numbing fatigue
deep deep aching
bright red rash on cheeks
joints that feel sprained
throw in a little chest pain, inability to think very clearly, and you've got....the ole lupus

well, I've got it, but there you go

just to make life more fun, I also have a little cold or sinus infection (can you get those from emails or IM's, Kris? Guess not.).

I gave up and am back in bed. My eyes are so sore and red that I look like I have double pink eye. And feel like it too! If Fiona would move (she's laid claim to my chest and arm), I might be able to get some motrin in. With her fur so much in face, the eyes could be allergic reactions. I also have the heater on, so can't blame the cold (those who know me know that's not a good sign -- I don't think I've run the heater all day in more than 15 years).

Hope everyone is feeling better than me!

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glass hole studios said...

So sorry sister. Rich and Margaret got it too. Hopefully it will come and go, you'll be on the mend sooooon. we love you, take care, smoochies. K & R