Sunday, January 21, 2007


What a gorgeous day it is today!!!

Already swept spiders, leaves, other winter detritus out of the front walkway and entry. Raked and threw out several bags of leaves. Took me 45 minutes to wash a week's worth of dishes. I have a chicken roasting right now with tarragon and fennel seeds (the smell is completely outrageous -- can't WAIT for dinner!). The girls are completely and thoroughly mesmerized at the back door by all of the birds outside (finally! I've had filled bird feeders just waiting for them!). They periodically run over to give me a peck and say, "did you see them? did you see them?", then it's back to their sentry duty. After all, we must be protected from little song birds. I jest not -- ever see a little movie called "The Birds?"

Now I'm just kicking back and watching Nigella Feasts after snarfing down a great lunch (vegetable beef soup, whole wheat flat bread with some pepper jack cheese). Next is laundry and bathroom. Fun!

I also want to try to get a walk in before it gets chilly again. Have to take advantage of the sun while it lasts.

GREAT progress on my family history. We've (my cousin and I) found some distant cousins from one of my lines who are also family researchers, so we've been sharing info like mad. I'm focusing this weekend on one of my lines in the colonies (Virginia, North Carolina), so am also reading up on pre-Revolutionary history.

Finally watched Munich -- great intense movie. Finally watched The Producers -- hated it (I'm just not a huge fan of musicals). Watched My Super Ex Girlfriend -- it was OK -- sort of clever premise, but it could have been much better.

Finished listening to Peter and the Shadow Thieves this week -- LOVED it. These are really very clever and enjoyable stories, with likable characters and "page turner" plots. I have many books to choose from now in my audiobook library, but chose the next Lemony Snicket book, The Grim Grotto. Two more to go after this one and I'll be done with the series!

Great news! Christopher Moore has a new book out -- must watch for it on audiobook.

Work is really incredibly busy right now -- I have three openings, with another about to be posted. Long days, not getting home as early as I'd hoped, which is why I had a week's worth of dishes to wash today! I need to get organized today so that I have meals ready for each day of the week, outfits pressed, etc. -- the more I can simplify and streamline, the less stressed I'll feel during the week. It's not going to be better this week -- I have to fill these four openings, which takes time....

Oh, yeah, and I had lunch with a nice guy this week. Life is looking a little brighter every day now that I actually have a life.

OK, break over (Nigella's nearly over and Molly's getting cranky, looking for things to attack -- time for attention to cat). Hope everyone's enjoying a nice balmy breeze today.

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Rich said...

Glad to see you are feeling better.