Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday night....sigh....

What a great weekend doing absolutely nearly nothing....

Did I say nothing???

  • Scrubbed out tub/shower.
  • Scrubbed bathroom floor.
  • Did laundry.
  • Baked bread (YUM).
  • Unpacked and washed the box of glasses that has sat in my kitchen for a year.
  • Tossed said box along with a ton of other recycling.
  • Watched 3 netflix movies that have been gathering dust: The Illusionist (WOW, great!), Lady in/of the Water (good), and The Davinci Code (eh -- what were Ron and Tom thinking?).
  • Library trip, reading an interesting book about 1763 being a pivotal year in not just American, but also World history (the year that Treaty of Paris ended the "French and Indian" wars).
  • I've become so consumed by family history research that I'm forcing myself to NOT do any today/this week (though I made some big discoveries yesterday). It's just become the obsession that replaced my work obsession.
  • I'm playing videogames right now, instead!
  • Cleaned out fridge.
  • Whole Foods trip ($150, thank you very much -- had to get my favorite shampoo and conditioners, about $25 each for $75...).
  • Online window shopping for flat panel TV (Rich, I'll need your help once I finally buy one!).
AND, most important of all....

Major snuggling with the sweetest (and most tired) kittie I know, little Miss Molly (who supervised all cleaning activity today, usually from the top of my shoulder).

I took several photos of my little snuggler, but they didn't arrive in my email box!!! (darned camera phone) It's so very very rare for Molly to want to cuddle, I had to document the occasion. Adoring eyes. Chainsaw purrrr. Nose up for kisses. Now I have no proof. I'm sure she's chortling somewhere deep within, IF she could work up the energy. Poor dear, she worked so hard today (yeah, right).

Last week was horrible at work, so here's hoping that this week is better! And that the Groundhog doesn't see his shadow -- I'm ready to start working in the back yard.

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