Saturday, April 28, 2007

Welcome to Summer!

Last week, cold spell, this week, heat wave! I thought it had to be in the 90's today, and I see that the high was 88. Close!!!

After a few weeks of feeling truly terrible, I decided to do something about it, and clean up my diet and be more active. I feel pretty darn good as a result, despite the heat (something I normally don't deal well with at all). Yay!

Finally watching Casino Royale right now (starring my new future husband), after a day of yard work, cleaning, computer woes, errands, picked up a few pairs of shorts, etc. Also set up the fans -- it's time. Nice and cool right now in my bedroom as a result (it was ~90 in here when I first got the window fan set up a couple of hours ago, now it's 58).

Work's going pretty great -- after truly horrendous year + that destroyed my confidence, I'm finally back in my game, self-esteem and confidence is back, and I'm enjoying my work again.

Stay cool!

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