Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tech Day

Some new successes in technology today, after months of procrastination.

Replaced the old wireless router (which hasn't worked in months) with an upgrade with MORE POWER. Thanks to Rich for walking me through it -- I was about to throw it out the window after an hour of unsuccessful installation.

I also just installed (on my own, thank you very much) a bluetooth ear piece for my cell phone. And it works! Woo hoo!

I'm not crazy about all of these wireless waves or whatever you call them in such close vicinity (we still don't really know their longterm effects), but I'm also sick of going through ethernet cables, etc. I think I'd prefer a hands free earpiece next to my brain over the cell phone itself.

Serious serious headache today after nearly a week without any head pain. Don't know if it's sinuses or lupus or just stress. Or maybe a little detoxification from very healthy eating this week (vs. previous weeks). Anyway, the noggin is not happy, but I'm still happy that it's the weekend with glorious weather. On the slate tomorrow is a trip to the mall, which I dread on one hand (hate the crowds), but on the other hand, need some warm weather work clothes so am also looking forward to.

I'll probably also pull out the old healthy healing book and see what I need to help cut down on the headaches (probably feverfew and valerian, both remarkably UN-tasty).

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a productive weekend balanced with a bit of shopping. Perfect. lob