Sunday, May 27, 2007

glorious glorious glorious

We need more three day weekends!

I'm lounging in my living room, looking out the triple-sliding glass door, watching birdies with the girlsies. They're doing this in between bouts of deep napping. I've been doing this between bouts of:
  • Raking the last of the leaves into a compost pile
  • Trying to unclog a sink
  • Enjoying cherries (YUM)
  • Oven frying chicken (not as yum, but oh well, at least I tried)
  • Reading an overdue library book (James Patterson's latest -- it was OK)
  • Watching Molly stretching in a sunbeam
  • Scrubbing down the entire kitchen after walking in early a.m. to feed cats, but finding ants had infiltrated (ARGH, hate them)
  • Periodically lifting my head, closing my eyes and slowly breathing in the wafting gentle breeze tinged with jasmine, lavender, and other glorious fragrances
Who needs TV or music when you have the entire woods to listen to outside your back door?

Molly has become comatose midstretch in her sunbeam. We can all learn a great deal from out feline friends.

On my patio right now are two blue jays (pigs), one of the squirrels (four total right now, but I think only two live in my tree -- maybe the other two are their neighbors), and a bunch of little hopping light colored birds (wrens? chickadees? "little birdies?"). I should get a bird book -- I'm sure I have representation for most of Northern Calif in my own yard.

I'll get the camera working again this evening to include pix.

Memorial Day weekend is usually my fave, because it's "mine." I was born on the real Memorial Day (not the Federally mandated holiday), so it's nice to celebrate over the course of an entire weekend. 44. Eesh.

So, for my bday, I went bezerk at Barnes and Noble: Sheri Teper's new book, a Charles de Lint collection of short stories, a collection of fairy tales, and several genealogy resource books. I have piles of library books to read, as well. Better get to it then.

Happy Memorial Day!

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Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best birthday ever. I love you. Kris