Monday, May 28, 2007

iPod "h - e - double toothpicks"


I made a massive mistake with my iPod 2 months ago, which ended up overwriting thousands of book chapters and songs (I have the 80GB) with the same title.

To manually fix everything, I went iTune-less using Floola.

Hated that, but have put off going back, knowing I'd lose at least a day.

True to my prediction, I've been manually importing my favorite songs (deleting books like mad -- too many chapters to import) since 2pm.

FINALLY, took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and "pressed" OK when I was asked to confirm that my iPod library would be overwritten by iTunes. I've been doing that for the last hour, with iTunes freezing each time.

SO. Finally selected the one thing I hoped never to have to use: "restore iPod factory settings."

Please take a moment with me as we honor my iPod library's memory......



OK, moving on.

So, my iPod is either finishing the restoration process or starting the sync process. Dunno at this point. Kind of tired for it. I hope I didn't lose any of my purchased music, but pretty sure I lost the last album I bought from iTunes, Primus: Sailing the Seas of Cheese (great memories of a concert, headbanging, a probable concussion, and my smarmy words, "you have to be careful where you bang your head" -- at least Kris will get it).

Yay, it's now officially syncing.

Back to work in the morning!!!


Anonymous said...

it was watch out where you thrash, i my fingers are crossed on the ipod alchemy

Phydeaux said...

I bow to your memory! Even a better line. Hopefully, any bruises are long faded....