Sunday, May 06, 2007

Migraines are NO fun

So the headache escalated to a massive headache, which I realized was a migraine when I was trying to sleep, no success at 2am, nauseous, but relieved that it was dark and cool.

Woke up with it.

Went to the mall with it.

Brought home several pairs of slacks and shoes (yay, DSW) with it.

Laid down with a cold washcloth over my eyes/head, a little teary from pain/nausea, with it.

Did laundry and roasted a chicken anyway, with it.

Cleaned bits and pieces of the house anyway, dang it.

I read up on "lupus headache" vs. "migraine" with it (interesting that there is such a thing as a lupus headache).

Every time I think it's gone, it creeps back up my neck and over my forehead.

I suspect I'll be working tomorrow with it (can't stay at home, too much to do).

But at least I have a HIGHLY functioning wireless network now!!! (Rich is the Computer King!)


RichTCG said...

Was therea nyd oubt in my powers....

Phydeaux said...


Phydeaux said...

Oh great one....