Saturday, May 12, 2007

This Week's Highlights

  1. Finding out that the squirrels have entrances/exits all throughout the huge oak tree in my back yard.
  2. Thinking about what happens to my house if the main branch that they live in breaks off (I think my living room will be OK, but oy ve for the cars in the carport).
  3. Burning eleventy billion calories continuing the back yard raking.
  4. The realization that it's ALMOST CLEAR of major leaves. Two more weekends should do it.
  5. GREAT Lost episode.
  6. A huge bowl of my new favorite salad: arugula, sliced endive, chicken breast, with home made dressing of red wine vinegar, nice fruity olive oil, garlic, pepper. YUM.
  7. The not so great news that Mom's not able to walk due to two pinched nerves (femoral and sciatic). We're all readjusting.
  8. But she loved the big floral arrangement + truffles that I sent her!
  9. Successful library trip today -- will enjoy reading several great books!
  10. Nothing new with work.
  11. Choosing between two grad school programs.
  12. Realizing that my MIT-Harvard leadership program is just over two months away (yay!).
  13. Deciding to celebrate turning 44 in a couple of weeks, rather than my usual denial (also yay!).
  14. Continued breakthroughs with my family research, all lines, so far, continue to lead back to Normandy pre-England invasion. Normandy itself was invaded/settled by Vikings, so maybe that explains my height and hair color: throwback from very old genes.
  15. Celebrating mother's day tomorrow by giving momma kitty (Fiona) a special tuna treat, a nice long phone call with my momma, and maybe my kitties will treat their momma (me) by being sweet and snuggly!

Happy Momma's Day to All!!

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