Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dawg Tarred

As my grandpa would say. Here's why:
  • Pruned my front walk way jungle.
  • Cleaned out (YAY!!) my laundry room.
  • Which meant hauling out old bed railings/etc. to the backyard shed (YOU try doing that with two cats who desperately want to go out with you so that they can decimate the neighborhood's bird and squirrel population.
  • Major cleaning of the back bedroom in order to clean out the laundry room (needed a place for the Xmas tree!).
  • Multiple trips to dump recycling and trash.
  • Swept up the back yard and front walk way.
  • Broiled chicken/bleu cheese burgers (SO good).
  • Broiled some london broil (perfect state of medium rare).
  • Roasted a pork loin roast w/garlic, pork rub, and red wine vinegar.
  • Got all the laundry done.
  • AND folded!!! (that's a miracle for me...)
  • Putting it away right now.
  • Ironing is next :-(
Whew! Just taking a sitting down break, watching Ace of Cakes, thinking about some motrin.

I got snuggles from my girls for mother's day, and spent a couple of hours on the phone with MY momma, who's doing darn well, considering.

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