Sunday, June 24, 2007

2am blues

WHY, you ask (as I am), am I awake at 2am? Well, several reasons:
  • Completely out of control allergies, NOT helped one molecule by Fiona's insistence on melding with my face, or at least being melded to some part of my body (right now it's my arm) at all times, while wafting clouds of cat fur and dander. Hence, allergies. I can't take sneezing much more. And I'm jacked up on allergy meds!
  • Nearly useless right shoulder/elbow/arm. I was doing OK, then overdid it today with a "brutal clean" (as I call it) in my bedroom, resulting in two heftie bags of flotsam and jetsome heading out to the trash. Not good for the arm, though. Despite NSAIDS and even a muscle relaxant. Doesn't help that FIONA refuses to let go of that arm, then her feelings are hurt when I have to physically remove her due to the pain. And I feel bad. At least until she gloms on to me again.
  • Massive laundry (see above).
  • Very successful library trip, several great looking books to be read.
  • Shopping trip to the monster mall, always wearing. Looking for the perfect work suit, no success AT ALL. But I did find a beautiful leather tote/laptop case and a buttery soft leather portfolio. At least my accessories will look the part.
  • Kitchen cleaning.
  • Patio sweeping (which was pretty funny given my arm) and yard watering.
The brutal clean was well worth it. Found my spare laptop a/c (yay!). Weeded out drawers that were filled with what had become rubbish (yay!). Realized I do TOO have plenty of clothes for work and non-work (yay!). Got the last of my sweaters sorted for storage (yay!). Found my black suit jacket (cleverly hiding under another jacket), so I may be OK after all (yay!). Magic hemmed several pairs of trousers, eliminating the need for needle and thread (yay!).

The downtime post shoulder/elbow saying ENUF ended up worth it -- may have successfully broken through a major roadblock with family research on maternal side, back in Texas when it was part of Mexico. Yay!


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