Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Ahh, the fourth of July. Memories of margarita tailgates to watch fireworks at Cal Expo, the incredible fireworks in downtown San Jose (definitely worthwhile to live to tell the tale), sparklers that Dad had to start for us when we were really small and scared of the sparkles, and...

now enjoying federal holiday away from work!

I thought about going to watch fireworks, but I gotta tell you, the crowds are not that appealing. I'm hoping to enjoy a quiet day of chores, backyard work, cats, reading, some pictures to frame and hang, and maybe some cooking. My expectations have definitely changed over the course of my life, not necessarily a bad thing (it's called Growing Up, maybe?).

I decided I was tired for myself last week and cleaned up my eating habits. Lost 2 lbs already, yay! Two lbs a week is the right way to go. I have to say I'm craving Taco Bell right now, but will go get some whole wheat tortillas and make my own, healthier, lower sodium version.

Here's my latest creation -- Perfect Summer Salad:

Baby arugula
thinly sliced red onion
sliced green onion
sliced avocado
grapefruit segments, halved
chopped cilantro
very thinly sliced grilled london broil
your favorite dressing (mine if lime/cilantro vinagrette)

All amounts are up to you, based on # of servings, your personal preferences, etc. London broil should be cooked to the degree you most enjoy (for me, rare to medium rare), and seasoned the way you love the most (I made a garlic/pepper/mesquite rub for mine).

This would be great with feta cheese crumbled on top!
Toss, season with some fresh cracked pepper

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