Sunday, July 15, 2007

whole lotta nothin'

Doesn't seem like I've been up to that much, but I'm sure wiped. Here's what I've been up to.
  1. Working
  2. Changed my eating habits (lost ~8 lbs so far!)
  3. Read the odd book
  4. Moved my bedroom around, hate it, but haven't worked up the energy to move it back yet
  5. Major moving of things and cleaning in my living room today, like the half that's clean, the other half is full of stuff from the first half -- no more steam -- will tackle when I'm back from my trip at the end of the month
  6. Preparing to spend next weekend DEVOURING the new and last Harry Potter book, including comfort food and lots of kleenex
  7. Finally watched Pan's Labyrinth -- brilliant, but weepy
  8. Finally watched Stranger Than Fiction -- also brilliant, less weepy
  9. Doing my first readings for the course I'm going to at the end of the month -- though somewhat half-heartedly -- I'll have to work on them this week
  10. Family research -- with some new breakthroughs
  11. Life decisions -- still in progress -- re school, family, work, residence, etc.
  12. Usual lupus and neuropathy issues, just more so with the hot weather
I have been seriously wiped out, thanks to my friend, lupus, so of my two weekend days, I get one good one, and one in a prone position with lots of NSAIDs, napping and feeling a bit sorry for myself. By day two, I'm sick of myself, over myself, and overdo things catching up on the lost day. At least I'm aware of my patterns.

Upcoming things:
  1. Harry Potter -- mixed emotions -- I've loved these stories -- can't wait to read it, yet sad that it's ending, and cringing over what I suspect may be a bittersweet end
  2. Boston -- have to start figuring out logistics like wardrobe, packing, shuttle vs. long term parking, etc. I really should have gone one day earlier -- maybe it's not too late to move up my flight -- will check that out...
  3. New cable with higher speed internet and dvr -- can't wait! I spent a day at home a couple of weeks ago for the installation, but they couldn't finish due to grounding issues. Grounding issues will be fixed tomorrow! I need to schedule the install, too! Better channels/etc. for much less than I'm paying now.
  4. Life decisions should come to a head in the next couple of weeks, stay tuned!

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