Friday, August 03, 2007

For all my foodie friends

We celebrated our last night at Salts, which was INCREDIBLE. Appetizers included mushroom risotto with some kind of foam (my dinner mate called it "snake spit," and we decided snake spit is PRETTY DARN GOOD). This one was to die for: White Gazpacho with Macadamia nut yogurt "truffles,"sherry gelee, orange powder, and summer blossoms (I copied word for word from their online menu -- wasn't sure what was it -- I thought they said something about grapes). Mache and pear salad with a toasted hazelnut vinaigrette that was truly heaven for the vinaigrette snob that I am. Really great wine (not even sure what it was -- should have asked). Ballotine of free range chicken with white bean puree, dried apricots, some kind of glaze that was incredible, and foie gras (which I could have done without, but I didn't leave a crumb on my plate!). And for dessert, a lemon souffle tart with frozen (YUM) lemon curd (so tart to die for), mint syrup, a few blueberries and a big blackberry. OMG.

Now I have to study!

Well, I'll sober up while I pack -- have to check out before 11am, so I'm taking my bags down to class with me.

THEN I'll study.

GREAT day today, really really great group of people. My face hurts from laughing today and tonight, my stomach hurts from too much incroyable French cuisine (only kinda), but it's all good pain. I'm glad I skipped dinner last night! I would have hate to miss tonight. Even if I get sick tonight, it will have been worth it.


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but are you home???? ps. sounds incrediable!!!