Monday, August 06, 2007

I rock!!!

After a week of no TV or news or reading or talking to anyone about anything other than healthcare finance, strategy, marketing and/or ops, imagine my disappoint to come home and find that my bedroom's TV receiver wasn't working at all (I was looking forward to a day in bed watching TV yesterday...). I lost an hour + of my life trying to troubleshoot things on my own, finally gave up and called tech support, lost another hour of my life on the phone with the guy who was trying all sorts of things remotely, who finally also gave up and scheduled a tech to come out. So, tech arrives this a.m., and I lost another 2+ hours while he sorted things out, finally replacing my gateway receiver, reset everything, and I was back in business.

So, I crawl into my very comfie bed tonight after a yummy dinner (italian chicken stew-YUM), turn on my bedroom TV, check the shows that I recorded, select one, and it fritzes out again.

DAGNABBIT (my new favorite strong word -- safe for all forms and level of listeners)!!!

So, I just finished losing yet another hour of my life, but I ROCK, because I fixed it myself.

Did exactly what I wasn't supposed to do -- reset the gateway myself (I felt confident that I wouldn't end the world by doing so). Several times. Finally got the necessary lights for my TV, but lost my wireless network. Panic! But, for once, I didn't have to call Rich the Computer God, because Brenda the Computer Goddess re-established and reconnected it ALL on my very own.

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