Wednesday, August 01, 2007

shhh...don't tell anyone

I used my 3:15-6pm study time today to get out and see some sights.... AND, the meeting organizer/ coordinator went with me! (tee hee hee) I'm not normally a rule breaker, so it made it even more fun to break it with my new friend!

We say Trinity Church -- GORGEOUS -- some of the most amazing stained glass I've seen. I should have brought my camera!

I saw Johnny Cupcakes Store and thought of Kris (and told on you), and we were both bummed that they don't, indeed, sell cupcakes.

I bought a bag full of jewelry at some cool little chic (read CHEAP) basement shop on Newberry Street.

Then we were treated to BBQ on the roof garden for dinner -- nice and fun! The food is INCREDIBLE here, but a BBQ break was just what the doctor ordered. I've managed to resist all temptation for the incredible sweets and desserts -- I want to lose another size -- and I'm losing my sweet tooth overall (hard to believe...). But I DID bring back an ice cream bar for studying -- an ice chest of ice cream bars for desserts just brought out the kid in me too much. Forget the French pastries, just give me a Red Sox ice cream bar.


I was up until 3:30 this a.m. fighting my way through cases, so I really needed this break. I feel human again, and have a new perspective (i.e., SURVIVAL). This program is i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e and I can't recommend it highly enough, but it is also one of the most intense things I've gone through (even the MD's say they don't remember this level of stress since med school). We are learning so much that is so foreign to us -- even me the business manager -- in such a concentrated period of time. The process analysis stuff is what's really kicking my behind, and I have a huge case to read and analyze on that tonight, so I'm OFF.

Kisses to my kitties, I miss them!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Im bursting with pride, you go girl. enjoy adventuring! cupcakes :P