Saturday, September 15, 2007

Movies and Reading (or Listening)

I'm not even halfway through my latest audiobook, but LOVE it, so have to recommend to all, The Time Traveller's Wife. However, I'm pretty upset that my iPod's "part 1" is actually "part 2," so I've been listening to the last half of the book. AND, this isn't the first time this has happened to me. I don't think I'm an utter idiot (maybe just a partial idiot), but something's going on with my iPod and downloads.

Darn it!

Makes me kind of feel like I opened my Christmas presents early. I don't even peak at the end of my books!

Ah well.

So, some movies and TV I've watched (kinda) while working at home or studying:

Dr. Who (I know, I know): this week's and last week's episodes were pretty great! I'm talking about the 2007 version. Whether you love or hate the Doctor, I have to recommend this year's season, which you can watch on SciFi or BBC America.

Torchwood: BBC America, Dr. Who spin-off, kind of campy, totally sci fi/geeky, but fun.

Eureka: OK, OK, so I'm a geek! I didn't get this show until this year, and now I really love it. Comedy and sci fi for geeks w/too high of IQ's.

Carnivale: HBO. It's too bad that this show only lasted two years. I watched it when it first started, and now I'm recording episodes to watch on weekends. Imagine a Passion Play a la Twin Peaks, and you're getting warm. Good vs. Evil. The Dust Bowl in the Depression. Carnies and freak shows.

Flushed Away: HBO. Computer animation by Aardman (the good makers of Wallace and Gromit). I had zero expectations and actually enjoyed this. Lots of British humor. Great cast of voices. Definitely worthwhile if you're an Aardman fan.

Highlander: The Source: Turned off after 10 minutes (which was about five minutes too long).

Otherwise, just trying to maintain sanity while working in two positions, not entirely successfully in either, but as of today, one month left of this transition, and I also increase my effort to 3 days/week in my new position. Oy.

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