Sunday, September 23, 2007

Brenda weather!!!

Chilly, rainy, windy (not today though), overcast. In short, my kinda weather. Got the down comforter out. Accidentally made the best roast beef of my life (cooked at too high temp, now I know!). Burned a lot of music and audiobooks. Watched TV and movies. Quality time with my fuzzies. Got some smelly stuff from Pier One (on sale!). Chores. Reading for school. Didn't do any work Friday night or yesterday, for which I'll pay, but YAY. Now, need to do some. Watching Clint Eastwood's "Flag of our Fathers," which makes me think of and miss my grandpa (he served in the Philippines). Did some family research last night (YAY, missed that!!!).

It smells so wonderful outside. Nice crisp chill Autumn air with the hint of ocean and woods from the Santa Cruz mountains. I love Fall so much -- love the apples and the pumpkins and the crisp leaves and the fireplaces and that chill and sweaters and hot cocoa and homemade bread and the new TV season and earlier nights and Halloween and Thanksgiving and kitties who smell like Fall from sitting in the windows and the end of another Summer and rain and the wind chittering leaves across the ground and ... you get the picture.

Happy Fall!!!

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Anonymous said...

Totalllllly with cha! Lets enjoy our SEASON!!!! Hugs K