Sunday, October 07, 2007

Nuthin' much

Things are pretty quiet over here, just relentlessly busy. But good news! This is my last week of two jobs!!! It's officially over next Monday, but I'm taking that day off to study for my midterm.

Did VERY little this weekend, but I do feel like I've caught up on my sleep. Made a killer tabouleh. To wean myself from working, I got the new Legend of Zelda game, Phantom Hourglass, which is great fun (remember I'm not just a geek, I'm a 40+ female geek who loves videogames). And it worked. Still working my way through my DVR backlog, with the following comments:
  • Love love love love love Pushing Daisies. Can't recommend it highly enough. Fell in love as soon as the narrator started (diehard audiobook fans will recognize him immediately: Jim Dale is considered the creme de la creme of narrators).
  • Watched World Trade Center, then immediately tried to find a comedy to watch. It seems important to me to remember and understand 9/11, not only because it changed everything for everyone, but also because I think we tend to forget that individual lives were affected so significantly. I cannot imagine what it was like to actually be in New York that day, but I'll probably never forget that day and its impact on me. And I hope we never have to experience an event of such magnitude again (though I suspect we will...).
  • Heroes continues to deliver.
  • Finally finished watching all episodes of Carnivale, which I loved, and think it's such a shame that it didn't make it past two seasons. I would have loved to see it play out.
Changing the subject completely, I'm having some problems with Fiona, my older kitty. I adopted her when she was 1.5 yrs or so, living on the streets, sick as a dog (sorry for the expression, Feefs), recently nursing kittens. I honestly didn't think she was going to live once I got her home, that's how sick she was. All along, she's been VERY VERY needy for affection and attention, and has limitless love to give. Only problem is ... I like cats because they don't need constant attention. And I don't deal well with neediness. So, we're driving each other crazy right now. Now Molly's feeling left out, because Fiona is constantly on top of me. I've had a reprieve this evening -- she's very happy on a new blanket in the living room.

So, last week--I hope--of 14+ hour days. Two months of that is too much for me, let alone anyone.

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