Sunday, September 30, 2007

Grad School.... Again

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Start new job, work both jobs for two months (only two weeks left!), AND start grad school again? I have never denied being an overachiever...

So, yes (!), I am in grad school again. And this time around is great! Good cohort of fellow students. Fascinating material (organizational behavior/development, which gives me enough science to apply to the workplace that I'm pretty happy). Only one evening a week (vs. all day Saturdays). Mind you, that evening is brutal. The teacher promises to let us out by 9:30 every evening, and hasn't yet let us before 10:10pm. I'm useless by 9:25, so can't be held responsible for what I say after that time. Then I get home and am too tired to sleep, so don't usually nod off until after midnight, then have to try to be up by 6:30 the next morning, which is a huge challenge.

Nevertheless, I shall prevail. 11 classes left this semester, then 4+ weeks off before we start again. It's just 22 or 23 months, then I'll be DONE with school that better prepares me for the workplace, and will just take the odd class in painting, drawing, writing, ancient history, etc.

I'm supposed to be writing a case analysis right now, but -- dang it! -- can't find my text book or notes. I wonder if I left them at work (but why?)? So, watching Nigella Lawson cooking an incredible feast (something with rice noodles, lime juice, peppers, shrimp, scallions, a whee bit fish sauce, YUM, now I'm dying for Vietnamese food) while doing a little housecleaning on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

You go girl...and now I want some spicy pad thai! lob K