Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

We've had a busy week!
  1. Found a kitty tooth sans kitty in the middle of my bed when I came home the other day
  2. Only succeeded in nabbing one kitty for the v-e-t appt I made for yesterday morning (Fiona)
  3. She wasn't the one less tooth kitty, after all
  4. But she is the "allergic to something, who knows what" and chin acne turned into slight infection kitty, which means medications and ointments
  5. Molly has been hissing, spitting, yowling and growling at her ever since
  6. Molly had her turn this morning, and, yes, my little baby girl is the one missing the tooth
  7. She's now on infection watch; apparently, I'm supposed to be able to look into the back of her mouth on a semiregular basis to check for increased redness, inflammation or God knows what kinds of horrifying other things one might see
  8. She's not reacting well to her several vaccinations also received -- if she's not perking up by tomorrow, she might get to see the emergency vet (my baby!)
  9. I'm baking for work gifties this year, and today turned out brownies with mini peppermint patties, brownies with marshmallows and nuts, those delish magic cookie bars with coconut and butterscotch and chocolate, peanut butter/chocolate bars, and turtle bars.
  10. I'm set up to churn out my "famous" cranberry/orange/pecan/chocolate chip cookies, and raspberry/walnut brownies tomorrow. I might also make fudge. What the heck!
  11. Bad news is the quality control that's involved.
  12. Good news is that I'm totally sick of chocolate (hard to believe!).
Got my grades, passed with a solid B, which is great considering that I missed one entire paper. In fact, I did the dance of joy when I saw that I got 100% on my final!

I stocked up on guilty pleasure reading at the library today. It seems decadent to read fiction, let alone mysteries (vs. something more literary or meaningful). I'm looking forward to enjoying a good read!

Also packing bags of dry goods and clothes for a bin at work for a local charity.

Christmas cards/letters next!


LoriO said...

My cat had chin acne once, and the vet said to stop feeding him from a plastic dish. I switched to porcelain and it cleared up and never came back.

Hope your kits are feeling better sson, and congratulations on finishing your class!

Phydeaux said...

I use paper for their wet food (so I can throw it out) and porcelain for their dry. Dang!

Any advice for Molly's sudden fear/hatred of Fiona?