Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home, safe and sound!

Curled up in bed with my two fuzzies, who are latched one to each leg under a comforter -- don't think they'll be letting me leave the house any time soon (hate to tell them I'm off to get new glasses tomorrow!).

Great Christmas, and looks like everyone else had a great day with family and friends, too. Catching up on my backlogged recordings of Colonial House (love those PBS "reality" shows).

It was great visiting my folks and my brother in from Taiwan. But it's equally great to be in one's own home, particularly in one's own bed! It was also great to see my dear dear friend Kris in Sacramento on the way home, with a stop over at the annual Bath and Body Works sale and Borders for a couple of books and exercise dvd's. I finally met Penny, the mad kitten (who is adorable) and caught up with my other god kids, including the originals, my little loves Tiger and Allie. Yay for Meeps, that he's looking so solid and healthy (and didn't appear to wish to consume any of my appendages). Amazing and wonderful to be overwhelmed with immediate recognition and unconditional love from these animals that I adore so completely. Oh yeah, and Kris too! (That goes without saying, Kris!)

All I've heard this week is the "big storm" hitting on Thursday, so I continued home nervously, but not a drop hit the windshield. Nevertheless, a very long day, and I'm pretty wiped out (i.e., useless, but at least I got my car unloaded).

I'm trying to do a little family research, but can't seem to focus. I'll get my photos up tomorrow.

Happy New Year! Can you believe it's nearly 2008? Eesh.

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