Friday, January 18, 2008

Countdown to return to work ...

I have loved being on vacation -- first time to completely relax (which I wish I did more of this week) since JUNE!!! In July, I was panicked, getting ready for my week long course in Boston, and also making job decisions. In August, I made my decision, started a new job, continued the old job, and prepared to start grad school. Everything else is a blur ...

I'm not sure why I haven't been completely wiped by the flu or ebola or something. I've been remarkably healthy, considering. I had the lupus skin weirdness this week, but it's nearly cleared up. I wish I could say it's due to my incredibly healthy diet and exercise regimen, but even typing the words wants to make me laugh out loud.

I've really enjoyed this week rediscovering myself, including my love of and need for creating. Whether that's via writing or cooking or drawing or painting or knitting or jewelry making or just sitting and thinking, creating makes me happy. When I was a kid, I made stuffed animals, sewed doll clothes, sewed my OWN clothes, knitted, crocheted, drew, painted, wrote stories. I still did a lot of that + more throughout the years, but shut all of that down when I restarted school in 2001. Now I'm trying to find a balance with this and school, work, life.

So in light of the above, see my latest love above: misti alpaca hand painted chunky yarn, from which I made a gorgeous scarf (I'll post a photo when it's completely complete). Aren't the colors beeeootifull? Just screams Spring! I want to add buttons or maybe a couple of felted flowers. I haven't tried felting, mind you. Well, on purpose. I supposed I've felted many a sweater over the years by accident!

Rearranged living room today -- SO SORE -- and finally bolted my new bookcase to the wall, so started to fill it up with books! Pix tomorrow -- too sore to get up and download photos. It looks so nice, though. The girls love it -- lots of window real estate with places to sleep.

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