Monday, January 21, 2008

It was grand!

Today's my last day off, and a lovely time was had by all.

My etsy shop is nearly set up.

I've learned how to make banners.

I've learned how to set up shipping calculators on paypal.

I've learned patience with the baby puppy who cries all day long next door, clearly kenneled or locked up in the kitchen (I can't have puppies -- I couldn't kennel them).

I've slept 9-10 hours a night for the last week.

I've knitted a lot of failures this week, and made a few successes.

I've embraced the fact that my way to cast on is the best (for me, anyway!).

I've experimented with photos of my creations (and ordered a dress form from ebay, when I gave up in frustration with my makeshift dress form, see left).

I've eaten pretty darned healthy this week.

I majorly cleaned (I'm glad I took pictures, because entropy has already taken over).

I successfully purchased and installed a 500 GB external HD (hee hee hee).

And what I didn't do doesn't matter so much in the end (except taxes ....).

May the blissful endorphins running through my system last the entire semester........

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