Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Knitting geek

I'm excited! I got my Ravelry invitation today and am in the midst of setting myself up on their site. I've been a closet knitter/crocheter since I was a kid, only revealed every few Christmases when everyone gets mohair handknit scarves. I had a fantasy of setting up a cross stitch design business on the side, but with my eyesight woes, I can't easily do that anymore. But with my newest glasses, knitting works well again! So, stay tuned for an Etsy shop to sell my scarves, and if you're so inclined (if you knit or crochet or already belong to Ravelry), check me out there under "phydeaux."

Pictures to come -- battery charger's supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Good thing, because I'm finishing up a scarf today in my absolute all time favorite gorgeous soft yummy yarn: moda dea wild!. What's wonderful is the color, which makes me think of mermaids deep within a tropical ocean: greens, purples, indigoes, royal blues, sea greens, turquoises. And I can't find it any more locally! This is my last skein! So googling to buy more online. Love it that much. I'm usually a yarn snob -- only want natural fibers -- but am too in love with this to be snooty.

Day three of vacation, gotta love it. Woke up at 11 ... sinful. I was actually awake at 7:30, but am having some new lupus problems on my face, so snuggled in for more sleep. If I had my camera battery charged ... ahem ... I would show you a nice lupus skin lesion -- I had several crop up on my face yesterday, which is lovely (NOT). After lots of rest, water, anti-inflammatories, evening primrose oil, etc., the inflammation's going down, but it's still not pretty. Feels like one half of my face is having a major acne attack, except that all the bumps aren't acne. The other half has two big red swollen splotches, like bee stings, right under my eye. Kinda hurts, too. SO, kicking back today. Though I did lug a buncha trash (old planters, small branches, etc.) from the back yard, to make room for the guys who will be lugging away the felled branches.

More to come ...


Anonymous said...

sounds like you're enjoying yourself!! Indulge away babee!!! and keep being sooooooooooo productive! Hugs. K

LoriO said...

I've barely scratched the surface on Ravelry, but I can see it's a fantastic resource. I want to fill it up, but haven't put in the time. Add me as a friend. I'm LoriO there.