Tuesday, January 15, 2008

... sigh ... vacation

That's the message on my IM. It's good to be on vacation w/o holiday craziness!
  • Yesterday, picked up my new glasses that I can FINALLY read with from the mall, w/o losing my mind (e.g., fewer people).
  • Today, braved Fry's electronics (walked out empty handed, which is usually the case for me), and found parking right up front.
  • I tell you, getting groceries on a weekday morning is the way to go!
I still cannot find my digital camera battery charger to save my life. So, ordered a new one, should be here Thursday.

Branches are still piled high in the back yard, but big hole in fence is fixed (yay!). BTW, the pile wasn't 7 feet tall, just an inch or two taller than me, say 6 feet. But there are three big ones that I can't even budge -- size of small trees! And lots of smaller ones that I broke up into four separate piles. Thank thank thank God that those branches hit the lawn furniture instead of my glass doors or the walls. Birdies LOVE the trees on the ground. Kitties LOVE the birdies. I'm not complaining -- everyone's happy, and I'm happy if the kitties are happy.

Tried a new recipe yesterday -- Faro Salad -- and I'm hooked on this new addiction. Super easy, super healthy and super yummy. I just used the recipe, kinda, on the package: soak/cook the faro til tender, toss with chopped tomatoes, olives, capers, lemon, garlic, olive oil. I used parsley instead of basil (none to be had this time of year) and meyer lemon juice and meyer lemon infused olive oil, my other new addiction (SO good). Deeeelisssshusss.

Made a new recipe the other night, slicing steak very thin and tossing with grapefruit segments, thin sliced red onion, avocado, garlic powder, fresh cracked pepper (is there any other kind?), meyer lemon olive oil, and nice crisp greens and radiccio (sp?). The grapefruit juice and oil combined to make a nice dressing. Very very good. Having that again tonight!

I was going to spend a chunk of time this week researching family history, but I'm just not feeling it. I'm loving hanging out with my girlsies, watching nature dramas unfold in the back yard, with bouts of cleaning and cooking.

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