Friday, January 04, 2008

This storm is FOR REAL

I sent everyone home at work today ~3:15-3:30, and left at 3:40 myself. I just really didn't want anyone driving in this madness after it got dark (including me!!!).

Hurricane force winds?

10" of rain on the North Coast?

Flash flood and regular flood warnings?

Welcome to a California winter...

Little did I know that I would see the above when I looked out my own back door.

I'm still a little shaken (I was in shock for a wee bit). What you can't see from this is that these branches are as tall as the shed, which is a full foot taller than me (and I'm six feet with shoes on). What you also can't see from this is that this 7' + tall pile of branches missed my glass doors by just a foot or so, and didn't take any roof with it. Additionally, I'm glad to report that although this buried my lawn furniture, including a glass table, the table doesn't appear to be broken. I tried to move the big one and couldn't budge it -- this would have done major damage had it hit my roof or walls (or me!).

Mind you, I have two very twitchy kitties. I'm just SO thankful that they're OK. In the end, that's all that matters. We're holing up in the bedroom tonight -- even though there are no more branches overhanging my living room.


Anonymous said...

EEEppppp! I think all of us had near misses, we'll be cleaning up all day tomorrow. Lucky the rebar didn't smash our slider. Hugs K

Phydeaux said...

Yikes! Hugs back! B