Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!!!

And Happy Birthday to Kris!!!

I'm sitting down for the first time today -- major major housecleaning, sorting, etc. has continued. Man oh man am I sore! Molly's sore too -- she helped me today every step of the way. Sitting on my shoulder. Peering over my back. Winding around my ankles. Today was the bathroom, and my kitties are fascinated by water. I'm happy to say I have a pretty darn clean bathroom now, but have paid the price with my back. I'm thinking some motrin and an early night will fix things right up.

Gorgeous and sunny today, but it will be cold tonight! Guess the New Year doesn't mean New Weather yet.

I have one more day off, then back to work. It's been a nice break, and just a taste of a week of true vacation (no Christmas) in just two weeks.

Hope you're all cozy, warm and with your loved ones!

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