Saturday, February 09, 2008

Glorious Spring weather

It's about time! Warm, sunny, clear skies, birds singing, the whole schmear. Much chillier right now, but it's still Winter, after all!

New favorite fragrance, courtesy of Banana Republic: Rosewood. If my Smell-o-Vision was working, you'd catch a waft of amber, touched with green and a hint of floral. I keep smelling myself ... in a good way! That was the result of a trip to the mall, where I had different goals (unachieved), but still happy with the outcome.

Also did well at DSW (aka Shoe Heaven), where I was able to use three $50 coupons! Get this ... the cashier's response was "What did you do to get these many?" My answer, with a very deliberate voice and direct stare, "Bought a lot of shoes." Duh.

Now I'd better finish a scarf, write a paper, and get all of my reading done for class on Monday...

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