Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why aren't weekends longer?????

Man, it is sooooo beautiful today!!! I want to be outside soaking in the sun, but have too much to do! My parents are stopping for a visit today, so madly cleaning (which is desperately needed anyway). I still have reading to do and a paper to write (but it's just 1-2 pages). The never ending chores. I need groceries, but don't see that happening. I've got to get a new cell phone, but won't be able to do it until Tuesday, so I'm still cell phone-less, which is driving me insane (isn't that funny, for those who know me, and know how much I avoid talking on the phone???).

I did get a new scarf listed yesterday, Woodland Nymph, and just love it. I wish the pictures did more justice!!! It's so soft with so many surprises spun into the gorgeous yarn.

I scrapped the Valentine's scarves I was working on -- they just weren't turning out the way I wanted -- and am working on two really funky and fun scarves, one using the Raisins & Berries handspun I showed you below (LOVE how it knits up!!!), one using a thin/thick wool died in hello, orange and navy (GORgeous), and one using my fave baby alpaca in a deep pink or fuschia. I hope to work on at least one today!!!

Yesterday, my Etsy shop broke all of my records for # of views in a day, which is pretty exciting! In fact, it was nearly double my previous high. Maybe the rest of the country had the worst weather ever, or maybe changing dress forms and improving my photog skills (still much improvement needed) helped. Or both. I'm much happier with the quality of my photos, and think I'm creating a more consistent "look." New banner will be next -- maybe next weekend. I need something that makes it more clear what's for sale ...

Happy Sunday to all -- thank go0dness next weekend is a three day weekend -- I need the extra time!!!!

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