Monday, February 04, 2008

Sale #2 + continued bronchitis/sinus woes/whatever

Sale #2!!! Yay! Hooray for Spring Scarf, which had about eleventy billion views, sold this morning, and is heading for a new home. (Heather, you can custom order another -- the alpaca yarn is available just down the street from me.)

Listed "Secret Garden" scarf last night, the gorgeousness with bits of lace and ribbon and such. I don't think I have the right name or description quite yet. It makes me think of ruins -- a little more Goth than roses and violets, you know?

Also listed "High Sierras" yesterday, but again, don't have quite the right name or description. It definitely reminds me of the mountains, but is more agate-y or fossil-y to me. Hmmm.

In bed since Saturday with massive headache, chest pain, that lovely deep night time cough, etc. If I'm not better tomorrow, I'll have to call the advice nurse. :-(

I'm finishing up a wool variegated ribbed scarf today, if I feel up to it, which is very different than what I currently have listed. Very tailored and crisp. I think it will be popular, but we'll see. If I get up the energy, I'll add a photo later today.

I have to rethink and reknit the scarf with the gorgeous antique gold wool with green/blue glazes -- I had two skeins and 1/3 into skein two, I realized they totally don't match!!! That's the chances you take with handspun/dyed yarns from other countries (and I should have looked at them closely before starting....). There's not enough in either skein for a full scarf, so I'll either need to alternate rows with each skein, or maybe just make neckwarmers or scarflets. Hmmm.

Because sales depend on pictures, and my pictures aren't best quality because of poor light, I took the plunge and bought some lighting equipment via ebay. I think I've now made not just emotional but also monetary commitments to making this work! And another dress form, lighter color, since black doesn't work with all colors.

I know I'm getting boring about the scarf biz -- I just need to think out loud sometimes! Thank you all for bearing with me.

Last thought ... I think I either didn't record or deleted by accident last week's Project Runway! But if I go to their website, I'll see who was auf'd (and don't want to ruin it). Argh! Have to remember to watch it at 9 and at 10 on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

my system didn't tape Project either...bastages...going to try and see a repeat before next. K

Anonymous said...

Yep, uh-huh! Totally told Phil exactly what I wanted. Never do that. Ever. He usually does just fine with gifts. We aren't big gift people. But I really NEED that scarf. Don't you think?

So my suggestion for the agate-y scarf you don't like the name of is Agate Beach. My grandparents had a house on Lopez Island while I was growing up and they lived on Agate Beach. That scarf has many of the colors of the beach rocks we would always find there. Just a thought. Won't be offended if you don't agree. At All. Really! Because now that I just went back and looked again, I really like the name and description you chose. So now you have a name/story for another agate-y scarf down the line sometime.