Monday, February 25, 2008

Should be sleeping, BUT!!!

Since yesterday (Sunday) morning, I've had one hour of sleep, thanks to skeedaddling out of work early in order for a quick nap before school tonight. And what happens during that hour? Thanks to Moxiedoll at Etsy for a great Treasury, my Scarf of Many Colors made the front page of Etsy! Well, it was longer than an hour. In fact, it was more than 1,200 views overall to my site and 25 new hearts for that scarf alone! That's a lot of traffic.

So Treasuries are worth it. Street Teams are worth it. Networking with other sellers is tooootally worth it! It's all worth it. Maybe even the loss of sleep for one night ...

So exam turned in (at this point, who cares what the grade is, it's DONE). Learned a few new things in organizational theory, which is always cool. Photoshop license came in (yay). Kitties are speaking to me (yay). Kind of (mmmm).

Sweet dreams!


glass hole studios said...

me don't speaka the Etsy-ease, whats a Treasury???? 'splain it to me???

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

Treasuries are lists than anyone with a sign on (buyer, seller, both) can put together: a "curated" list. Could be thematic, by color, inspired by, etc. They're often color themed. You have to wait for the # of treasury lists to drop under 333 for the regular treasury, and 222 for treasury west. Which means camping out while lists expire (they only last three days). Kind of like waiting for tickets to go on sale back in the day. Etsy admin (the management) rotates lists of their choosing on the front page. You're not supposed to put your own stuff in there -- you're supposed to promote others. It's GREAT "advertising" if you get into a remarkable or popular treasury, and even better if it's put on the front page!