Saturday, March 08, 2008

Latest creation

Here's the latest, courtesy of KittyGrrlz Knits and Spins (check out her blog and her shop -- she's pretty incredible!). I love this yarn! It nearly glows, it's so luminescent. Very soft. I wish my camera did justice to all the glimmers and glints and glistens.

I named this Easter Sunrise Scarf, thinking back to all the Easter mornings my folks dressed us up in our brand new Easter outfits when it was still dark outside, drove off to the small cemetery on the far eastern edge of the very small town I grew up in, and we then proceeded to freeze at a small church service attended by the most devout (hardiest?) as the sun came up over the White Mountains in the high Sierra desert.

That said, while I might not have fully appreciated the ritual and majesty of the dawn service, I certainly do now. Though I might bundle up with a scarf like this!

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lauren bacchus said...

This new scarf is BEAUTIFUL! Every time I think you can't make a more beautiful creation - you go and prove me wrong.