Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Nanny and the Professor

Does anyone remember that show??? I vaguely remember it -- more that I was always a little confused by it. Was she (Nanny) magic? Were she and the Professor supposed to be in love?

Well, this morning, I was being driven insane by a little piece of melody with a few scraps of words from the deep recesses of my memories. I kept worrying at it, and came up with a few more words. Magic? Love? She? Then I could hear the voices singing it -- male sort of pop vocals, early 70's or late 60's, theme music. The Courtship of Eddie's Father? No, wrong song, wrong words, didn't match the scrap of a memory I had of that show's opening sequences. My Three Sons? NO, totally wrong. But now I seemed to have a theme ... shows about single dads trying to raise their kids. The only other one that kept coming back, though, was Nanny and the Professor, and the more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that was it.

So, here it is, more than 12 hours later, get online, google the show, and YES, b'gosh and b'gorrah, I was right!

For those who remember the show, even vaguely, or are just too curious to pass it up:


Ahhh, the 70's....

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