Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some Etsy Milestones

I was so busy at work today, but checked my Etsy shop views in the early afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to see it was at exactly 10,000!

Woo hoo, 10K!

Mind you, it's actually more than this -- there were two "view failures" in the last couple of months, and with each item soldsell on Etsy, you lose those views from your total count. My manual (less than 100% accurate) count is 17,446.

Nevertheless, 10K, woo hoo! That's kind of amazing, when I think about it. I grew up in a small town of 3,000.

Another milestone approaches: 250 shop hearts. I'm at 245 right now. A lot of Etsy shop owners are opposed to the idea of hearts, but I see each heart as a potential future visit, a potential purchase, and the potential of additional hearts, since folks can peruse other folks' hearts (great research, by the way, if you're considering an Etsy shop -- see what folks like). Hearts are also instrumental for making Treasuries -- I always go through my favorite lists when I'm creating Treasuries. And Treasuries = more views, more hearts, and potentially you might be on the front page.

I actually did pretty well this weekend with hearts (not so much with views), but yesterday had a main showcase, which really boosted both. There's some controversy by the Etsy shop owners about whether showcases are worth it, and I can only say ... chya, totally!

Speaking of Treasuries, here's a current one that I was included in (with appreciation!):

p.s., for American Idol fans out there, David Cook was awesome last night! Gave me an appreciation for "Billy Jean" that I never in my entire life thought I would EVER have. He should win (just my opinion)...

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