Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

My photogenic kitties loved me hangin' with them this a.m., working on my final, uploading pix of my latest creations, and just breathing in the soft and warm air wafting in from the screen door ...

Then they saw squirrels.

Instant mesmerization.

I guess the same thing happens to me when I see chocolate.

Speaking of which, the three latest editions to Phydeaux Designs!

The two variegated scarves are both knit from Misti Alpaca, which I just love. SO soft and luxurious. I wanted to showcase the colors by making a stockinette scarf, but added a seed stitch border to be a little different, and to give shape to the edges (reducing rolling). I really love the colors -- very soft and spring-like!

I wasn't that keen on the colors in the ribbed knit scarf until I actually started knitting it. Now I'm in love (and want to keep it). Touch of masculine for the guys, but most of my gal pals AND me would love it for ourselves. I like the sort of granite and wood shades, but with spots of moss and olive and kiwi and blue. I also didn't want to just do a rib (knit two, purl two), but wanted to give it almost a little laciness so that the gals would also want it. So, I used a seed stitch for the ribbing, and I really like how it turned out. Not lacy at all, but with a nice symmetrical texture that is just different enough to be interesting. I might write this pattern up, but will definitely use for myself again.

I don't think the pictures are doing justice to this lovely and fluffy pink swathe of softness. Cuz it really is to die for. I'll reshoot after I finish this darned take home final.

I used by big old size 35 needles (I've been dying to try them out!) and an old favorite wool/mohair/synthetic blend that I've had for a couple of years, but couldn't figure out what to make with it. Just a garter stitch. Nice and simple. Plus fringe. I planned to add glass beads to the fringe, but in the end, I preferred it without -- the beads weighted it down too much. I love that it's a shawl or a wrap or a scarf and can be worn year round.

So, back to my final. Happy Easter to all!

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