Sunday, March 02, 2008

why aren't weekends longer???

I need at least another full day for procrastination for school reading, studying, papers! I'm trying to read right now (can't you tell?) so I can write up a case study due tomorrow about strategy. Sigh.

Beautiful beautiful day! Turned the compost! Filled a bird feeder! Hung a Finch feeder! Bought some Girl Scout cookies (darn them)! Roasted a chicken (YUM)! Made ribs (YUM)! Now chores + school (though school kinda falls into that category). Blocking my green/indigo/silver scarf (finally really blocking it). I think it's going to be a sea glass title -- I think that's the right description of this green. You can say I'm crazy or not when I share a pic here (my camera battery's dead ... need to recharge it). Finishing a new alpaca scarf that is pretty mouthwatering. Ordered some more too die for yarn from kittygrrlz and misshawklet, despite my blood oaths to myself to not buy more yarn until I use more. At least I resisted the temptation to go to the yarn store. Is there therapy for yarn addiction?

I'm thinking about my next entry for the California Crafter Club of Etsy's (CCCOE) monthly challenge. March's theme is: "Witchy Women: Heroines, Heretics and Whores." Hmmmm. But I think I'll pull out all my family history research and look into a woman from the dark to middle ages to provide inspiration. I've been playing in the back of my mind for some time with a rich crimson scarf with some kind of intricate gold scrollwork, or something kind of Roman Empire with deep purple and gold. I'm thinking about creating "series" of inspired scarves, drawing on history, mythology, etc.

But right now, I'm thinking about getting this paper off my to do/procrastination list!

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