Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anniversary Weekend

So! Saturday is the three-month anniversary of my shop's first items posted for sale! I think I then graduate from "newbie" to whatever is one rung above newbie. (Doobie?)

I've learned SO SO much in the last three months. I never thought I'd learn to use Photoshop (let alone BUY the license!). I'm no pro, but my pictures sure have improved as I've learned to use my camera's features and to take full advantage of what Photoshop offers to the unskilled. I've learned a LOT about shipping, particular global shipping. I've certainly improved my knitting skills as well, largely of necessity, since I don't want to sell sloppily knit scarves (but maybe I should create a new category for irregulars and oopsies?).

I'm still finding my way with pricing, marketing, etc., but that's all part of the gig, and I love the business side as much as I love the creative side.

And along the way, I actually sold a few scarves! Not huge numbers, but just enough to allow me to keep posting new scarves at the best rate for me, without selling out. I don't think that's too bad for someone doing this on the side, given a more than fulltime job + grad school.

So, I'll have to celebrate this weekend somehow (other than cleaning the house and doing chores). Hmmm. Maybe I'll read a book! I just checked out The Somnambulist based on my friend Phil's recommendation (see his wife Heather's blog for many fun craft ideas!).

I ordered some BEAUTIFUL fused glass pendants, which arrived today, from Kris, the designer behind Firehorse Studio. I'll post photos tomorrow -- you should check her shop, she does incredible work!!!

New scarf above: autumnal elegance. Plus self-portrait. What more could you ask for???


Anonymous said...

That is just the bestest pix of you, on sooooooooo many levels, elegent, devilish, funny, beautiful=YOU! Lob my friend,congrats on your anniversary! K

lauren bacchus said...

It's Brenda!!!!

Such a great picture. I hope your car comes home to you soon. :)