Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring has sprung?

What glorious weather!!! My window fan (running full speed) shows 65 F right now, which is plenty warm for April at 9pm!

Short post, pictureless (battery's charging). I'm finishing a new deep indigo and forest wool scarf tonight, which will be a big hit in places where it's getting cold right now. Like the Southern Hemisphere or way up North!

I've been on the hunt for Karabella Festival for weeks, after selling my teal chocolate elegance scarf. It's hard to find! But lo and behold, Bobbin's Nest Studio saved the day today when I went to pick up a skein of Sheep Shop 2 wool in the same shade as my scarf of many colors (impossible to find this weight and colorway!!!). They had a whole jar of festival, so I have teal/chocolate again (which I'll probably keep for ME) plus a rose/taupe and a luscious multicolor. The ribbons are divine and look like shot silk. Love it!

I hope my car comes home this week. As much as I've enjoyed toodling around in my rental Camry, I'm a Honda girl at heart.

Back to finishing up the new scarf!

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