Saturday, May 03, 2008

Looking back

This week was a little rough, so I'm happy to have the perspective of a gorgeous Saturday looking back.

A very dear friend had surgery, and it went exceedingly well (YAY!).

My heart is hurting for another very dear friend going through unthinkably difficult times (big big hug!).

I'm down to the wire at work with too much work to possibly do in the time available for annual budgeting, while trying to hire staff (which = working all weekend).

I'm dealing with my own not so happy news about my health, with some new issues that have popped up (oy ve).

The kitties decided to knock down my really pretty glass lamp that's on my bedstand in the wee hours, which exploded bits, shards and chunks of glass all over me, the bed, and them (THAT was fun). Everyone's OK, amazingly, except for one tiny little cut on the very tip of my nose. I'll take that, considering that my eye could have been lacerated! I was more worried about them, but both were unscathed, though very freaked out with tails at full fluff.

BUT ... let's not panic. Life is cyclical, and I truly believe God doesn't give you more than you can handle. So good things happened this week as well!

My Scarf of Many Colors sold, and it's on it way to its new home (my, that's a lot of "it's" in one sentence).

I got two sales from last week in the mail (with apologies to the new owners for the delay given the above).

Some cool things happened with my job at work yesterday, so YAY (calling, hopefully, for a little celebration this weekend, maybe I'll actually get myself a few spring work-appropriate clothes ... ooo, or shoes!!!!)

Despite the new health issues, I'm feeling darn good for the sudden warm weather after the re-emergence of Winter over the last week plus (weather changes and me don't mix).

And, I have two new scarves listed, which I hope folks love as much as I do!


Anonymous said...

Good thoughts to K and your momma. And I'll take a busted lamp over 400 kids in the campground where you are staying in a cloth tent. tales to follow. home and safe. ps beauuutiful scarfs. K

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

I'm getting a migraine on your behalf ....