Sunday, May 25, 2008

New banner!

Only 2.5 months in the making...

OK, so I'm not 1,000% in love, but I'm overall happy with the next phase in banner-dom for my Etsy shop.

I knew absolutely nothing about Photoshop when I started this whole gig in January, so everytime I tried to create a new banner during the last few months, I'd give up, thinking I had much better ways to spend my time (which was true!).

What's nice about this is that I can drop in new photos and shift the arrangement around on a regular basis.

I played with borders for the photos, but didn't really like that. I've seen a few shops that have banners that seem suspended in space versus solid block of color, so played with that and finally came up with something I was willing to "hang on my wall." And only lost two hours of my life on this one (hahaaah).

Let me know what you think ... gently please! ... now that I've picked up a few new skills, I'll be playing with it more!


lauren bacchus said...

I think that your new banner is lovely! No need for any criticism.

Now I need to go work on my banner...

Anonymous said...

I like it a lot. It's very modern looking and shows what you do quite nicely. I love that little scarf tied in a bow. So cute.